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Eye Glasses, Spinning

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This is the page that you go to to  when see movies come out. You can also  look at our reviews on old movies. Take a look. If it's not on CoolKids then we are sorry.


Picture courtesy of the Oficial Harry Potter 4   website. 

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November is coming. Along with it comes leaves. But best of all.... the fourth Harry Potter mov
ie comes out.It's going to be a thrill of a life time.Harry gets chosen to be a Hogworts contestent in the Triwizard Tournament along with Cedric Degorry(Another Hogwarts contestent),Fleur DeCoure,and Viktor Krum. The plot is still the same. Yes,Lord Voldmort is doing all he can to kill our young wizard. As always Harry pulls through with a little help from Ron,Hermionie,Hagrid,Dumbledore,and Moaning Mertle. Yes he old bloke is back and has a crush on our young wizard.

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